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Asic Chip Store - Bitcoin, Litecoin and Ethereum asiс miners to buy with free delivery to all the world!

Delivery to all over the world!
We deliver our products all over the world!

If you would like to order the goods, please write to support@asicchipstore.com our managers will reply to you in the near future!



  • art processor mikroshema 6946
  • ASIC MINERS from the manufacturer only with us

    • The best world goods and prices
    • Full after-sales service of miners
    • Full warranty service for miners 2 years
    • Delivery of miners around the world
    • Timely advice on any issue
    • Choose a miner

SALE !!!

 X11 ASIC Miner 30.2GH/s @ 750w



Our advantages:

- we sell only new equipment for mining;

- thanks to the rapid delivery of equipment to Russia and Ukraine from China (7 days), you can always get the latest models first;

- You can check the efficiency of the asiks before purchasing from us in the office

Qiu Pu Dong Lu, Shitai Xian, Chizhou Shi, Anhui Sheng, China;

- Antminer equipment delivery  Wordwide - 7 days.

It's easy, simple and pleasant to work with us:

    Our managers will always provide quality advice and help to make the necessary adjustments;
We always gladly share information about the best ways to earn money with our customers;
We are almost always connected (at night let us rest :), but we are always glad to hear from you;
We try to do a little more for you (and sometimes much more) than is required.

Satisfaction of customers is the basis of our business. We provide technical support after the sale of equipment and always look forward to a long-term cooperation.

If you want to become our official partner and purchase equipment at wholesale prices, you just need to contact us and discuss all the details on the phone or in person.

new models of miners

In stock 17 шт.
In stock 7 шт.
In stock 16 шт.

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